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  • Kumar, Karishma; Colbert, Alyssa; Hagge, Darla; Noureddine, Nassrine (2019-11-15)
    In the United States, someone experiences a stroke every forty seconds. Even worse, every 40 minutes a stroke results in a death. Strokes kill over 140,000 Americans each year. This literature review will inform the design ...
  • Kilgore, Bradley; Hagge, Darla; Noureddine, Nassrine (2019-11-15)
    This literature review was conducted to identify leadership, implementation, and outcomes in university-based clinics in order to inform a planned interdisciplinary stroke clinic at California State University Sacramento (CSUS).
  • Stinson, Sonya; Dinh, Khanh (2019-11-15)
    This poster explores the leader's role in addressing microaggressions against women in the workplace. Through a review of qualitative and quantitative studies, the authors present research grounded in teh theoretical ...
  • Halterman, Ehsan; Robertson, Andrew; Atwell, Aaron; Thompson, Bryan (2019-11-15)
    Current practice post knee replacement involves rigourous rehabilitation. Patients undergo a process to increase the degree of flexion possible with the new knee. If either the goal degree of flexion or straightening is ...
  • Grandy, Sam (2019-11-15)
    The goal of this project was to use precipitation data, groundwater elevation data, and visual analysis of weather conditions to better understand how groundwater responds to precipitation events and seasonally dry conditions ...