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Effective December 2014, the University Library has developed submission instructions so that graduate students may upload their own work into ScholarWorks, including Masters theses, projects, and dissertations. The following link provides information about ScholarWorks and the procedure for submitting.

  • http://csus.libguides.com/scholarworks
  • Updated on April 13, 2015

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    Recent Submissions

    • Chan, Caitlin (2018-02-12)
      The following thesis is an examination of metaphor in my paintings. I will begin with a history of my painting studies in order to aid the understanding of my current work. This history will describe my artist influences ...
    • Davis, Rick Bond (2018-02-12)
      Decrements in performance with resistance training and performance variables such as power, force, and velocity has been noted in a variety of exercises. Implementation of Inter-Repetition Rest (IRR) treatments has been ...
    • Beardsley, Jordan Nicole (2018-01-09)
      The study of human-animal relationships deserves unique and targeted consideration within the study of Humanities. This project seeks to examine the place of animals in culture by rethinking current and historical approaches ...
    • Murray, Amanda Nicole (2017-12-12)
      The study of supernatural belief has been a constant in the fields of both folkloristics and anthropology but has rarely been addressed in a modern, Western setting.This lack of attention can be ascribed to many social ...
    • Patel, Nevil Dilipkumar (2017-12-12)
      PC2v10 is a web-based contest management framework which supports the ability to create and configure contests, control who can participate in defined contests, start/stop contests, and a variety of similar operations. ...