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Effective December 2014, the University Library has developed submission instructions so that graduate students may upload their own work into ScholarWorks, including Masters theses, projects, and dissertations. The following link provides information about ScholarWorks and the procedure for submitting.

  • http://csus.libguides.com/scholarworks
  • Updated on April 13, 2015

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    • Shingala, Khushal (2020-01-23)
      Light is the fastest medium that data can be transferred through. Potential transfer speeds are 1000 times faster than radio waves can achieve. NASA claims to have had success with transferring data from spacecraft to earth ...
    • Rewatkar, Shweta Sharad (2020-01-22)
      The security of user information is one of the major areas of concern. Amongst all the user information, the location of the user plays an important role. If the location information of the user is compromised, it can be ...
    • Shevate, Prachi Kanifnath (2020-01-22)
      The ubiquity of mobile platforms and smartphones breeds a large number of spatial crowdsourcing applications like TaskRabbit and Uber. In spatial crowdsourcing, workers are financially motivated to perform as many ...
    • Wilkins, Victoria Frances (2020-01-22)
      High-quality child care has been proven to provide children with higher developmental outcomes such as later academic achievement (Wolfgang, Stannard & Jones, 2001) higher cognitive function (Li, Duncan, Burchinal, & ...
    • Shetye, Saloni (2020-01-22)
      Neural architecture search is the solution adapted to overcome the problem of manually designing the neural network and overcoming time consuming and error prone methods. The technique proposed for learning Neural Architecture ...