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Effective December 2014, the University Library has developed submission instructions so that graduate students may upload their own work into ScholarWorks, including Masters theses, projects, and dissertations. The following link provides information about ScholarWorks and the procedure for submitting.

  • http://csus.libguides.com/scholarworks
  • Updated on April 13, 2015

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    Recent Submissions

    • Murray, Amanda Nicole (2017-12-12)
      The study of supernatural belief has been a constant in the fields of both folkloristics and anthropology but has rarely been addressed in a modern, Western setting.This lack of attention can be ascribed to many social ...
    • Patel, Nevil Dilipkumar (2017-12-12)
      PC2v10 is a web-based contest management framework which supports the ability to create and configure contests, control who can participate in defined contests, start/stop contests, and a variety of similar operations. ...
    • Dong, Yulong (2017-12-12)
      Nowadays, online social networking is becoming one of the options for botnet command and control (C&C) communication, and QR codes have been widely used in the area of software automation. In this paper, we exploit QR ...
    • Wahane, Arundhati V (2017-12-12)
      There are various approaches for Extensible access control markup language (XACML) security policies implementation. This project demonstrated a solution to use graph database to implement XACML Role-based access control ...
    • Milani, Anthony Patrick (2017-12-12)
      The endolysosomal system has recently come under heavy scrutiny as a potentially major contributor to the progression of late-onset neurodegenerative diseases. In this review, I highlight our current understanding of the ...